4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floor Plan

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floor Plan

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The layout of your home is probably one of the most significant choices you will ever make in regards to your home. The arrangment of the rooms and how they flow will largely be determined by your lifestyle. Whether you prefer a ranch or a two story, choosing a perfect floor plan doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are 4 tips to help you choose a plan that is right for your family.

1. Choose a plan that fits your lifestyleView More: http://photos.pass.us/andrea-kelly

An open floor plan has definitely been a big trend in home building for quite awhile. Many families are forgoing the more formal spaces like living and dining rooms to achieve the openness that they are after. There are other factors to consider regardless of the openness. Factors including the layout of rooms with consideration of family size and the ages of children is key. Most families who have younger children like to have their bedrooms and bathrooms in close proximity to each other. Although this isn’t true for every young family, most prefer to be all together on the second floor. While many families with teenagers and young adults prefer some separation. It’s important to assess your current floor plan and figure out what is working for you and what isn’t.

2. Single story or multistory?

Single story or ranch homes remain popular among families with older children or those nearing retirement, but they are also gaining popularity among younger families. Cost is always a consideration when choosing a ranch. It is less expensive to construct a two story home with similar square footage. The cost of a larger foundation and greater roof line contribute to the greater price of a single story home. In addition, multi-story homes often give the added benefit of views to the outside instead of looking into a neighbors windows. Multistory homes can also provide additional space allowing for more privacy for family members.


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Whether you are planning for the future or have a live in family member that needs extra space to maneuver, consider this factor when selecting a floor plan. Wide hallways and doors, no threshold on a shower, and 0 degree entry to the home are all features that can make a home wheel chair accessible. Discussing options with your builder can add to a home that fits your needs for years to come.


4. How much outdoor living space do you wish to have?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor options. Many floor plans now include some type of outdoor leisure area. This has become an area of greater importance over the past decade. We are noticing a trend including outdoor living rooms which may also include a fireplace and television. It’s important to consider how your family lives when determining how much priority to put into a large outdoor living space. It may be worth adjusting the budget and allotting more money for the outdoor space.

Deciding on a floor plan can be fun and frustrating at the same time. The key is to assess your family’s lifestyle and really figure out how you like to live in your home. With patience and guidance from a great builder (shameless plug) your dream floor plan can become a reality. At Monogram Homes, we’ve made this process even easier. We offer functional plans to meet a variety of lifestyles. We can help you pick the perfect floor plan and then customize it to become your dream home.

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